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5 Foods to avoid on empty stomach- Eat right

Every morning we wake up and eat anything on our empty stomach. We do this unconsciously without realizing what harm it causes on our health.

We consider it is healthy to eat any fruit or any health food anytime. But that is not true. Only right time and right food makes a wholesome combination for our health. That is why every morning we should not eat any random food on our empty stomach. The food science considers this habit as dangerous for health.

But, what are these foods which we should not take on empty stomach?

Well, we have come up with 5 such foods which you should avoid taking on empty stomach. These foods are given below.

Sweetsempty stomach

Well you must have heard somewhere about ‘eat chocolate in the morning’ theory. And even some of you might be practicing it religiously. But hang on! Ditch this so called sweet habit as soon as possible. Eating sugar first thing in the morning boosts your insulin levels. This increase further increases the load on our pancreas. As a result, it can lead to diabetes. Eating sweets like pastries and cup cakes right in the morning can potentially inflames the delicate lining of the stomach. This inflammation and causes gas problems. So, stop doing so.


Milk productsempty stomach

Consuming yogurt is good for health when taken at right time. But eating yogurt on an empty stomach can result in significant increase in the production and accumulation of hydrochloric acid in stomach. This acid kills lactic acid bacteria present in yogurt and other milk products. As a result, the nutrients of yogurt and dairy products are not properly absorbed by the body. So, for sake of your health stop taking dairy product on empty stomach.


Green vegetablesempty stomach

You may be living in the false impression that eating green vegetables will always do you good. After all we have heard all our life that green vegetables are a boon to our health. But eating green vegetables especially cucumber on an empty stomach is no healthy. This is so because it can cause gas formation in the stomach. Also, this habit can result in abdominal pain and even heartburn. So, stop or avoid eating green vegetables as a first thing in the morning. Also, eating certain fruits on empty stomach may harm you. Like the rough fibers of pears can damage the delicate mucous membrane of an empty stomach.


Citrus fruitsempty stomach

Yes. Starting your day with a bowl of fruits may sound like a healthy idea. But this need not be true. Though citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C but taking them on empty stomach can prove detrimental. The reason is simple. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits have tons of fruit acid. Taken on an empty stomach they increase the risks of having gastritis and gastric ulcers. Other side effects may include heartburn. These reasons are enough to avoid citrus fruit as your starting meal. Even the healthy bananas have potential to increase the magnesium content in the blood and can be harmful for the heart when taken on empty stomach.


Carbonated drinksempty stomach

Well, some not-so health conscious people might greet their stomach with carbonated drinks in the morning. This obviously is a very bad idea. If you think that the caffeine present in the coke will keep you all charged for the day ahead, you are wrong. Carbonated drinks on empty stomach actually destroy the delicate mucous membrane. It results in reduced blood supply to the stomach which ultimately slows down the digestion process. Therefore, you should never ever take carbonated drinks on empty as well as full stomach.

empty stomach

I think these reasons are enough to ponder upon your eating habits. If you follow any of these diets then it is the right time to dump that plan. Start your day with a healthy drink and some healthy food to stay healthy.

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