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5 most unconscious bad health habits

From generations, we are well aware of the bad health habits that can prove detrimental to our health.

These bad health habits are smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food and living a sedentary lifestyle. But then we have some habits which seem to be insignificant, yet may cause serious health hazards. We all have some bad health habits that we follow unawarely.

Such habits are hard to change because we generally not realize that we have them. We keep on harming ourselves unconsciously. Our lack of realization to them makes us ignorant of our health. What you eat and more importantly how you eat is very important for good health.

That is why, it is a high time that we should change our bad health habits. Here are 5 most commonly done unconscious bad health habits to avoid:

  1. Drinking water when standing – According to the Ayurveda, when we drink water while standing, our nerves are in a state of tension. This then activates the sympathetic system of our body. Our body is gets under the false impression of fighting against some danger. It also disrupts the balance of fluids in the body, leading to accumulation of fluids in the joints. This can slowly cause arthritis. This bad health habit doesn’t help the filtration process of water by the kidneys as the impurities remain in the kidneys and bladder which can lead to urinary tract disorders.

2. Eating while walking – Many people have a bad habit of walking and talking while they are eating. In such a situation, the person becomes unable to eat the food properly. As a result, they face difficulties in digesting the food leading to boating. Also, when you eat when you are walking, the muscles of food pipe don’t work properly. This leads to the production of Hydrochloric acid causing acidity. That is why it is one of the most dangerous bad health habits.


3. Eating your kids’ leftovers – This habit is more oriented around women or mothers. When kids leave the dining table, their plates are full with leftover food. And mothers find it’s their duty to finish those leftovers. But this bad health habits results in overeating on their end which in no way is good for health. Try to give small potion to kids so that they can eat them easily.

4. Peeling potatoes before eating – It is our general tendency to think that all the good food is always on the inside of foods we consume. In case of potato, the peels deliver fiber. It also helps the flesh of the potato to retain its nutrients. Potato peels are an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C which both have several health benefits.

5. Nail biting – It is very common bad health habits. Biting your nails can raise the risk of getting communicable diseases because you’re putting unwashed hands in your mouth. It can also raise the risk of infection of the skin surrounding the nail. Nail biting can also have bad effects on your teeth. It can result in teeth shifting out of place and potential breaks in the tooth enamel.

These are some of the most common bad health habits which cause grave health problems in later life. Well we accept that habits either good or bad, are hard to break. But, with a little awareness about the resulting health problems and with some motivation we can shed them away. We need to stop these bad health habits which we have unconsciously to make a healthy change for the better lifestyle. It is never too late to take your first step.

Better late then never to stay healthy.


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