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Appetizing and healthy breakfast ideas to start your day

Every morning is a new opportunity to begin your day with a healthy breakfast.

A healthy breakfast in every morning can change your entire day. A breakfast saturated with almost all the important nutrients required for the body is a boon. One must not dare to miss a healthy meal before starting your day.

After a heavy and healthy breakfast, take moderate lunch and a light diner. The quantity and quality both matters when it comes to provide proper nutrition to your body.

It is not easy to grab any nutritious food for breakfast, as we need it to satiate our taste buds also. That is why, today we have discussed the mouth savoring and healthy breakfast ideas.

healthy breakfast1. Oats idli and sambhar – Yes, you heard it right. Idli is the healthiest gift of South Indian food. Idlis are full of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. They are prepared with no oil or spices. Sambhar has key ingredient- pulses providing you a bag full of proteins. On the other hand, oats are gluten-free whole grains and a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. If you don’t like the taste of oats, try to make oats idlis. This combination will fulfill your goals of healthy and tasty breakfast.

healthy breakfast2. Vegetable poha – Also known as flattened rice makes for a filling breakfast. This Maharashtrian specialty is a rich source of proteins, fibers, and essential fats. To enhance its nutritive value and taste, you can add peas and different vegetables like broccoli, carrot, peanuts as per your choice. Further, you can sprinkle some lime juice over cooked poha to add to its taste. It is the lightest breakfast which helps to maintain your weight.

 healthy breakfast

  1. Vegetable Dalia – It is the most common healthy breakfast in India. But it lacks the taste which you may need to fulfill your mouth. Try vegetable Dalia made of various pulses and oats. This dish is a storehouse of as many nutrients as you can think of. It helps in sufficient weight loss due to its dietary fiber content. Unrefined wheat or Dalia is full of complex carbohydrates and addition of nuts could make it tastier.

 healthy breakfast

  1. Rava upma – Another delight from the land of idli serves as a wholesome option. It is made out of semolina, which provides the enough energy to sustain through the day. You can add some vegetables like onions, peas, carrots and urad dal to upma for a punch of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and iron. Further you can garnish it with grated coconut. Eat it with sambhar, which is another anti-oxidant rich curry made of pulse and other vegetables.

healthy breakfast

  1. White dhokla – A boon from the land of Kutch- Gujarat. But not the traditional yellow dhokla, a while dhokla is more healthy and tastes better. It is made by using rice, dhuli urad dal, yogurt, and baking soda rather than mix of spices. This mild sweet-salty snack is a right blend of carbohydrates and proteins to protect your intestinal wall maintaining the normalization of stomach acidity.


The other traditional healthy and mouth- watering breakfast option are South Indian dosa with sambhar, Gujarati methi-thepla, dal chila, sprouts mixed with various vegetables and spices and many more. You can eat these health foods on different days as it will avoid boredom from your otherwise bland breakfast menu. Furthermore, you can add fruit salad, nuts like almonds and walnut and some seeds like flax seeds or chia seeds to increase the nutrient quality of your breakfast. It is very important to start your day on a healthy note so that you can finish longer on a healthy note.

healthy breakfast

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