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Failure-The most honest and in-your-face professor you’ll ever have.

Why do we fall, Bruce? Because we can learn to pick ourselves up.

We’ve all had really strict, tough-as-nails teachers in our early years. The one who used to punish us really hard for our mistakes. The one who made us do countless push-ups for arriving late for practice.

But, as we grow older, we become thankful to such people for playing a crucial role in lives. Every single person who is remotely successful has a person who gave them a tough time in their early years.

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Failing sucks, Okay? I am not going to sugar-coat it by saying Failure is empowering, the pain makes me feel good and stuff like that. That just makes for good Instagram captions.

Failure is demotivating. Our self-esteem takes a nose-dive after every encounter with it. Add to it the fact that we can’t go back in time to reverse it, we tend to be wary of failing. And this is bad.

How bad?

Failure comes from a lack of experience; a journey into the unknown. Ever landed a back-flip in your first attempt? You will fall on your back, and it will suck. Ever asked out someone for the first time? Chances are he/she will reject you, and you will hurt.

Failure is your first attempt at something gone wrong. You saw something challenging, and gave a go at it. It did not work out the way you wanted to. You did not get what you wanted, or thought you deserved.

Suck it up, Tiger. You have hit the wall, and you can react to this in 2 ways.

The First, you can stop trying. I am not made to do this. I am not talented enough. My body isn’t made to do this. This is too hard. It is too risky.

The Second, you analyse what went wrong. Where it went wrong. How it went wrong. Stuff like that. And then, you take steps to correct it. Don’t keep doing the exact same thing over and over again. That’s not being gritty; that is being an idiot.

Your ego will take a beating, but that’s alright. You are one among the 8 billion humans inhabiting this planet. You are the metaphorical equivalent of a star in the Universe. A drop in the Ocean. A speck of sand in the desert. No one thinks about you as much as yourself. Drop the ego, and learn.

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As obvious as it sounds, you can’t learn this from textbooks, or the internet. You have to meet it, face-to-face. Eye-to-Eye. Mouth-to-Mouth. Nah, I’m kidding here.

If you love averages, then cool. Be my guest. Stay away from anything difficult, and live a comfortable life. Stay average, and play it safe. Be forgotten with time.

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If you want to be a God among Men, then fail. Learn from the experience. Fail again. Try again. For how long, you ask?

Until you win.

Sree Padmanabhan Vijayan

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