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How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

The strong body odor produced by multiplication of bacteria that live on your skin to break down the acid into the sweat. In medical term, the body odor is also known as Bromhidrosis which is determined by apocrine gland secretion.

Depending on the strong body odor and sweat where it is occurring then it makes easy to find which sweat glands are involved. Excess of body odor causes the hyperhidrosis. Each person’s unique body odor which depends on various factors such as medications, diet, gender, and health.

Causes Of  Strong Body Odor

– high-stress level,
– spicy food addiction,
– skipping socks,
– forgetting to wash your inner wears,
– a boozy night out.

There are various treatments to prevent the unpleasant strong body odor. Now let’s take a look at how to prevent this strong body odor:

Wash Your Body Daily

To maintain good health hygiene its importance to wash your body daily to eliminate the unpleasant strong body odor. Strong body odor is produced by bacteria so, wash thoroughly in those areas which are more prone to sweating or strong body odor by taking shower at least once a day. Use antibacterial soap to wash thoroughly. Shave your underarms regularly and keep your skin dry.

Wear Breathable Cloths

How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

Wear more comfortable and breathable clothes of naturally derived fabrics like cotton, silk, and wool instead of synthetic fabric. Natural fabrics soak up the moisture and help you to get rid of strong body odor. Avoid wearing clothes more than two or three days without washing. Use antimicrobial agents like silver to the synthetic fabric like spandex and polyester to prevent the strong odor from accumulating.

Apply Antiperspirants Or Deodorants To Prevent Strong Body Odor

How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

Sweating isn’t bad it helps to cool the body but to control the excessive strong body odor use antiperspirants or deodorants and stay smelling fresh for longer periods of time. Aluminum chloride as an antimicrobial is the active ingredient of antiperspirant.

Use Botulinum Toxin Or Botox

How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

Botulinum toxin is used for people with excessive underarm sweating. Botox has stopped most of the sweat by blocking signals to the sweat glands. It takes 30-40 minutes to show their effectiveness and use usually last for between two and eight months.

Apply Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture

How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

Hydrogen peroxide is the common household product. Purchase the Hydrogen peroxide bottle from your near pharmacy. In one cup of water add 1 teaspoon of three percent hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mixture to the areas which are more prone to sweating or strong body odor.

Use Sanitizers

 How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

If you don’t have deodorant or antiperspirants use hand sanitizers as an emergency deodorant to control the multiplication of bacterias which produce strong body odor. You purchase sensitizer from any place around you like in restrooms, shopping malls, and also many people keep a bottle in their bag.

Eat Healthy Food To Prevent Strong Body Odor

How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

Taking healthy food also affect your strong body odor. Eat healthy food like a leafy vegetable, green tea, sprouts, fresh food, and whole grains, seeds. Try to avoid to eat spicy food, garlic, onion, and large quantities of red meat. Sweat is also stimulated by caffeine and alcohol.

Do Exercise Regularly

How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

Exercise is important to remove stress because stress arouses the apocrine gland which is responsible for strong body odor. Meditation and yoga are another ways to eliminate stress and to control it. Make sure to take shower after exercise.

Alternative Remedies

How To Prevent Strong Body Odor

You can also apply some household remedies to prevent it such as:
– Coconut oil+ 1 teaspoon of citric acid powder + 1 cup of water.
– 10 drops of lavender essential oil + 3 teaspoons of cornstarch +2 teaspoons of baking soda.
– Apple cider vinegar + Cotton balls +Water (optional)

Consult Your Doctor For Treatment of Permanent Body OdorHow To Prevent Strong Body Odor

If your body odor is permanent, no other remedies are work on your body odor then consult your doctor or dermatologist. The doctor can give you some medications or prescription level antiperspirants.

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