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How To Say Bye To Depression- Causes and Treatment

How To Say Bye To Depression- Causes and Treatment

Depression or clinical depression is the mood disorder which is caused by sad moments, sad thoughts, bad incidents, reduce interest, loss of energy.

It may affect many of our daily activities. According to studies women are more depressed than men. Depression may also lead to insomnia & hypersomnia, paranoia & delusion.

Depression- Causes:

– The main cause of depression is to decrease in the monoaminergic ( 5-HT & NA) activities in the brain.

– There are some other causes ie. life events ( uncaring relationship, prolong work stress) & personal factors ( serious medical illness.

There are some various treatments by which you can come out from the depression. Now take a look how to say bye to depression:

1)  Discuss With Others

Discussing your problems and situation with other whom with you are comfortable, and trusted the most & who can understand your situations would help you to tackle the depression. By talking to others you can also improve your personal and abusive relationships which are the cause of depression.

2) Exercises & TherapiesExercise is the most relevant way for the better mental health. It promotes the chemicals in the brain to boosts the mood, relieves stress helps you to sleep better. Here are the different types of exercises to eliminate the cause of depression:- aerobic exercise,- strength, balance exercise. Here are the following main therapies:

– electroconvulsive therapy,

– psychotherapy,

– interpersonal therapy

3) Eat Healthy Food

” Eat healthily, Be healthy”

Its important for being healthy to eat healthy food to cure depression. The food contains essential nutrients to enhance your brain health. It stimulates the certain glands & hormones which ignite the happiness. The good sources of the healthy food are:

– whole grains,

– walnuts,

– turmeric,

– fatty fish,

– flaxseeds,

– dark chocolates


 4) Eliminate Negative ThoughtsMajority of people who are depressed continuously focussing on their negative thoughts instead of good thoughts.

Start choosing your good most powerful thoughts over the bad ones. Don’t think that if you cant does anything means you are the loser. Always be positive and ready for fighting the negativity in your life. If you fail once then it doesn’t mean that you would fail again & again.

5) Go For Trecking

Getting away from the everyone and step into nature makes you most happier. Exploring the nature sets a good example for learning & growing. Nature is life. We are here to understanding the lessons from everything around us. Hiking is the simplest way to reduces the cause of depression. Nature Walker reduces the neural activity which is responsible for negative emotions.

6) Try Something New

Always try to something new for getting away from depression. If you like to play football, want to do paintings or anything else which makes you happy, keep doing that. Always put yourself to busy for the happiness. These things help you to ignore the negativity.

7) Writing Therapy

Mental health experts recommend for writing the journals or writing the thoughts in the paper or in dairy. That help to improve your mood. It will help you to feel better. By writing the things is like a self- talk to eliminate all of your worries regarding depression. Which rob out your happiness.

8) Have Fun, Be Happy

Have fun with your family, pets, reading books, in which activities you are interested & gives you the happiness, do it. It will boost up your brain & also increases the 5-HT & serotonin in the brain.

9) Consult The Doctor

On visiting doctor will perform the interview & ask the questions. Then he will determine your depression if severe then he would prescribe some antidepressant medications that act by inhibiting the uptake of 5-HT & Serotonin.

ie.- Paroxetine (Paxil), etc.

10) Trying Alternative Remedies

How To Say Bye To Depression- Causes and Treatment

There are a variety of natural remedies help to get rid of causes of depression. The herbal supplements which are approved by FDA are- Saffron, DHEA.


Poonam Dogra

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