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How To Sleep Better At Night

How To Sleep Better At Night

Sleep better is good for a healthy lifestyle. It can boost your mood, improve your memory, sharpen your strength. Poor sleep in the night can lead to the various effects on the body hormones and brain functions.

Sleep better is involved in healing, repairing the organs and relaxes the whole body. The absence of sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes. If you want to lose your weight, then getting better sleep is good for you.

let us find out some ways to sleep better at night:

1. Make The Bedtime Routine For Better Sleep

Try to go to sleep on time and wake up in the morning on time. It’s not only necessary for children, adults should also follow this night schedule that will make your body clock sensitive to light and darkness. Establishing the bedtime routine will help you to get calm and relax. The normal limit hours for better sleep usually eight to nine hours.

2. Don’t Consume Caffeine

Caffeine is the central nervous system stimulant that is responsible for reducing the total sleep time. Sleep time gets reduces to the 1 hour of consuming caffeine by six hours before the bedtime. It can delay the body time clock. It takes 45 minutes to absorb into the membrane in the body.

3. Daily Exercise For Better Sleep

Exercises daily improve the quality of your nighttime sleep. Exercise reduces the effect of insomnia and obstructive apnea to enhance the better sleep. It can raise the body temperature then allowing it to drop down to promote sleepiness due to the increase in alertness and hormones like adrenaline or epinephrine.

4. Take Melatonin Supplements

Melatonin is the hormone produced by the pineal gland in animals help to regulate the better sleep and wakefulness. Take 2 mg to 12 mg at bedtime for up to 4 weeks to improve quality of sleep. Some foods naturally contain melatonin that is given below:
– rice,
– ginger,
– tomatoes,
– banana,
– morello cherries,
– porridge oats.

5. Don’t Consume Alcohol

Alcohol consumption naturally reduces the quality of sleep by reducing the rapid eye movement (REM). Alcohol also suppresses the breathing, precipitate sleep apnea, snoring, stress reduction and disrupted the sleep pattern. With no alcohol consumption makes the life better and healthier. Regular use of alcohol also results in alcohol dependence.

6. Relax Your Body And Mind

Before going to the bed or pre-sleep you have to keep your body and mind relax. If you have trouble sleep avoid naps. Design your sleep environment by evaluating the attractive room. Sleep on the comfortable mattresses and pillows. Also, use the relaxing massage for better sleep. Follows the different strategies for better sleep like taking relaxing bath or shower, reading books etc.

7. Don’t Watch TV Late At Night

Watching TV before bed may disturb your sleep. Watching TV late at night suppresses the melatonin which is responsible for sleep. The emitting light of TV would affect your better sleep. Not only the TV, computers, laptops, mobiles also become problematic for sleep.

8. Limit The Sugary Food

Sugary food makes you more awake at night. Food and drinks like soda drinks, hot chocolates, energy drinks contain the caffeine a known stimulant that makes you awake. Sugary food causes to increase in adrenaline in the body and make it difficult to fall. If you think sugary foods are keeping you awake then limit the sugary food and drinks.

9. Eat Snacks For Better Sleep

Eat the best food before going to sleep which helps to create better sleep. Food containing tryptophan may increase the level of tryptophan in a body to promote better sleep i.e. :
– turkey,
– eggs,
– milk.

10. Some Alternative Remedies


Take food which is rich in vitamin D for better sleep. Herbal treatments also influence the quality of sleep. There are some prescription medications to treat the severity of wakefulness such as Ramelteon (Rozerem), Temazepam (Restoril), Triazolam (Halcion), Zaleplon (Sonata).


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