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How To Tackle Menstrual Cramps?

Menstruation is not a new concept. And so are menstrual cramps which are bound to knock you someday!

Menstrual cramps are common and a part of menstrual cycle. It occurs as a painful muscle cramps in the lower abdomen or tummy area. If it persists for long, it can spread to the back and thighs. The intensity of period pain can sometimes be acute, while at other times it may be mild. It is not necessary that every time you will get menstrual cramps.

Every action has equal and opposite reaction. The mechanism that causes menstrual cramps follows this law.

Menstrual cramps occur when the muscular wall of the womb contracts vigorously during period. As a result it compresses the blood vessels lining of the womb. This further causes discontinuation of the blood and oxygen supply to womb. Consequently, the tissues in the womb releases chemical called prostaglandins triggering the period pain.

Though being a healthy sign of normal menstrual cycle, period pain can sometimes become difficult to tackle. In such cases, below are several remedies that one can try to tackle the menstrual cramps:

Exercising and stretching:  It helps to loosens up the muscles and provide relief to period pain. Walking, running, swimming, yoga and tai-chi are the practices one can do to beat menstrual cramps.

Heating with warm water: A warm water bath during menstruation can help to ease the pain. Rubbing a heating pad on lower belly can help to reduce the effects of menstrual cramps.

Massage: Rubbing the abdomen with massage oils like lavender relaxes the muscles and provides immediate relief from period pain. Sesame oil too can help to cure the pain.

Medication: One should go for medications in case of excess pain. Some of these medicines are Ibuprofen, aspirin etc. They should be taken after consulting a doctor.


Diet: Adding more of Vitamin B1, calcium or magnesium in diet may reduce menstrual cramps. So eating more green vegetables like spinach, broccoli can help. Also, drinking water soaked with fenugreek seeds can reduce the menstrual cramps significantly.

Herbal teas:  A cup of raspberry leaf tea and chamomile tea can act as a mild uterine tonic. One can drink herbal teas to reduce the period pain. Ginger and black pepper tea, without milk reduce the levels of prostaglandins. Also, herbal tea of cumin seeds can also decrease the period pain.

Avoid These: Caffeine from coffee makes blood vessels constrict. During periods, this action results in more pain. So, avoiding coffee can work wonders to overcome menstrual cramps. Alcohol and tobacco also results in excessive period pain. So, you should avoid them.

Acupuncture: Certain acupuncture points regulates the blood flow through the abdominal cavity. These points relax the nervous system, helping to calm muscular contractions and get rid of period pain.

If any of these idea don’t work and you still feel a lot of period pain, then you should consult your doctor. The excess pain during menstruation can be a sign of a serious medical issue. If not treated properly on time, it can become chronic resulting into primary or secondary dysmenorrhea.  It can be corrected by proper medications or even surgery.

Therefore, menstrual cramps are quite common and should be given attention. Proper care is must. Eating healthy and regular exercise can help. The prime victims of period pain are women all over the world. But men too should understand and support the female fraternity. They too should keep check on above remedies. Their attention to this issue can help a lot. Only then the world will become a better place to live on with love and care for each gender.

Menses is not a taboo. The scene today is changing. We should stand together to support it. To heal the earth.


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