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Myths Regarding The Weight Loss

Myths Regarding The Weight Loss

There are lots of misapprehensions to losing weight. Majority of people tried to lose their weight by changing their diet or believing in the various myths. It’s important to recognize the divergence between weight loss myths & weight loss truths for the healthier life.

Let us see some myths that can change your lifestyle:


Myth 1: Skipping Meals / Go Hungry for weight loss

Skipping meals is the most common myth for everyone but the fact behind this myth is that getting hungry all day may lead to frustration, irritability in the stomach. It slows down your metabolism & often quickly triggers regaining weight loss later in days.

Eat healthy snacks (berries, apple slices, peanut butter, almonds, cucumber, carrots, Greek yogurt) instead of skipping meals to lose weight.


Myth 2: All Calories Are Equivalent

Calories are the amount of energy of food & drinks. Different food effects differently in metabolic pathways. Taking proteins instead of fat & carb may improve the metabolism & reduces appetite & improves the function of weight-regulating hormones.

An average woman needs 2000 calories per day & 1500 calories to lose one pound per week while an average man needs 2500 calories & 2000 calories to lose one pound of weight per week.


Myth 3: All Sugars Are Enemy for weight loss

Sugar is sweet, soluble carbohydrate that used in food. Sugar is a health food which provides energy with zero fat. According to the physiological fact: sugar is not a weight loss food. There are following sugars best for weight loss:

– brown sugar

– coconut sugar

– agave

– raw cane sugar

– Stevia type: natural substitute

– honey type

– granulated white sugar


Myth 4: Taking Supplement Can Help You In Weight Loss

Everyone falls for marketing for the dietary supplements which may raise the placebo effect on people. Only some of the dietary supplements show their moderate effects. So, to balance your dietary pattern its necessary to do exercise & watch your calories intake.


Myth 5: To Buy Various Fitness Wearables

Majority of people go for miraculous weight loss therapies through TV commercial advertisements. There was no evidence or no data which support the claim that using weight loss belts would sweat out toxins & fats. It will burn your abdominal skin if worn too tight. Among too many weight loss wearables, only a few are effective while others are dangerous & ineffectual.


Myth 6: Gluten Free Diet Results In Weight Loss

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye, barley etc.. Gluten-free diet is not effective for people to lose weight it can lead to eating more whole & unprocessed food. Its only recommended for the celiac disease or gluten intolerance.


Myth 7: Higher Alcohol Consumption Lead To Weight Loss

Alcohol reduces the amount of fat then that would burn for energy. The moderate consumption of alcohol may help you to lose weight but not higher consumption. If you want to drink alcohol then don’t eat fatty foods while drinking, get more calories from proteins & carbs that day. limit yourself to just 1 drink.


Myth 8: By Doing Excessive Exercise, & Don’t bother to meal

It’s the new trend for the people. Dr. Krikhely says that it’s better to do exercise instead of changing our diet. The metabolism would be slow down after the certain period. So, maintain the healthy lifestyle by getting the proper meal &by doing exercise.


Myth 9: Taking Salad Instead Of Meals

All of us preferred salad over the meal for weight loss but the fact is that salad is not always your best calories. Only dependent on the salad may affect your metabolism. It works only when you took proper diet with salad & the healthy salad should contain leafy vegetables that also become delicious to eat.

Poonam Dogra

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