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Skin issues: The causes and effects on health

Variety of factors cause skin issues and these are so widespread that one cannot even imagine of them!

A vitamin or mineral deficiency, can affect your skin and lead to many skin issues, but if you are eating your foods from the widest variety possible, then you may not have a vitamin deficiency. 

Think scurvy or what used to be called the yeulch because of the pustules which formed, especially on the face. 

If you have skin issues, then they probably stem from other problems such as:

Skin issues: The causes and effects on health

  • Transfer the bacteria from fingers to face  
  • The fingers can be easily referred to as the bacterial cesspools, and if you sit with your chin in your hand, or rub your fingers across your upper lip, across your forehead or any part of face.
  • Therefore, now this action has just transferred all those bacteria to your facial skin and face.


  • Stripping of the natural oils from skin
  • The human body has a set point of the amount of oil it wants your skin to have;  if you keep removing it away from the skin, your body will produce more and more and more to stay ahead of your too vigorous washing. 
  • On the other hand, there are people adding oils to the skin in the form of lotions and such, which simply acts as a ‘fuel to the fire’ in this  problem.


Skin issues: The causes and effects on health

  • Lac of water in the diet
  • If there was a miracle food, it would be water.
  • The human skin needs lots of water for its nourishment and maintaining the skin health, and when your whole body doesn’t get enough.
  • The skin which is the largest organ of the whole body  gets dried up and leads to several other issues. 


  • Allergy
  • Allergy is one of the root causes for the various skin issues.
  • The allergens are present in the environment and can range from dust to pollutants to the everyday products that we use.


Skin issues: The causes and effects on health

  • Ageing, too much sun or excessive smoking
  • All factors such as ageing, too much exposure to sun and excessive smoking contribute to an unhealthy skin appearance.
  • Use sunscreen and quit smoking. These are the only cures for the skin issues.




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