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Sugar: Enemy you cannot get rid off!

 Sugar is a very powerful enemy, its everywhere, in every food item. Build a relationship with it. You cannot win.

Here are some of the effective ways to reduce sugar in your life.

Amount of Carbohydrates in food should be limited:

Carbohydrates when eaten ultimately breaks down into sugar i.e. glucose. If you eat brown rice, white rice, oats, sweet potatoes everything will ultimately break down into glucose the blood sugar.

What we are discussing here is refined/processed sugar like donuts, pastries, any sweets that has a rapid impact on blood sugar, causes insulin resistance, and therefore hosts of health problems along with it.

Sugar: Enemy you cannot get rid off!

Schedule eating it:

Yeah you heard it right schedule it in your life. Build a relationship with it. As it is a very powerful enemy, its everywhere in every food item. You cannot win. It is even more powerful than coke based on studies done on rate.Sugar: Enemy you cannot get rid off!

Measuring, tracking and monitoring sugar can help you reduce it.

Keep healthy foods in front of your all the time:

98% of your behavior is your sub conscious telling you what to do.

The best way to change your sub conscious is through repeated visuals or affirmations.

Seeing healthy food whenever you enter your kitchen or open your fridge is bound to influence it in a positive way.

Sugar: Enemy you cannot get rid off!

Increase calories from healthy fats:

Besides hosts of health benefits that fats provide you, you are full for a longer period. A fat has 9 calories per gram, slows down the gastric emptying, and supports you for a longer time.

Give Intermittent Fasting a try:

We as humans have evolved by cycling between periods of famine and feast every day. Food was scarce thousands of years back. There were long periods of under eating followed by meals where our ancestors used to eat their hearts out….Our genetics have not changed



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