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Follow These DIY Health Checks, Could Save Your Life

Follow These DIY Health Checks- Could Save Your Life

If you want to prevent repeated trips to the doctor then go through the DIY health checks. And do this in your home.

Taking few minutes to check over your hands, face and feet could help you to find out the health issues that you weren’t even aware of.

Our bodies give us subtle hints about the state of our health that could save your life.

If you caught an early stage of diseases then it is easy to cure. Minor problems like itching, rashes, bad breath may give a warning for upcoming diseases or ailments. So, you have to ready to fight against these diseases by DIY health checks.

Here are some simple and essential tips for DIY health checks which could save your life:

1. Eyes

Follow These DIY Health Checks- Could Save Your Life

– The eye is the part of the visual system. It’s important to protect your eyes by DIY health checks. Weak eye muscles are the sign of myasthenia gravis. To determine this you have to sit on a chair, facing forward, look upwards towards the ceiling without moving your head. If you won’t be able to do without dropping your eyes then it means you have this condition. Then you should consult your doctor.
– Do health checks by pulling down your bottom lid and look underneath. If it appears pale means you are anaemic because of iron deficiency.
– When the whites of your eyes turned yellowish then you could have jaundice.

2. Mouth

Follow These DIY Health Checks- Could Save Your Life

– White patches or sore red areas on the tongue that fail to heal within three weeks is the sign of an ulcer or cancer. This is due to smoke and drink heavily. DIY health checks are necessary.
– Inflamed and bleeding gums are symptoms of pregnancy and gingivitis disease. Which linked to heart disease.
– Do health checks by seeing your mouth. If there is an ulcer or bleeding gums are the sign of diabetes, anaemia and vitamin C deficiency.

3. Nails

Follow These DIY Health Checks- Could Save Your Life

– Health checks include- split, flaky and ridged nails can be a sign of nutritional deficiencies. While white patches often indicate a zinc ­deficiency
– Take a look at health checks- nail’s blue tint color is a sign of circulatory disorders such as Raynaud’s disease. And half pink and half white nails shows kidney.
– Yellowish nails may lead to diabetes.

4. Skin

Follow These DIY Health Checks- Could Save Your Life

– Skin is the largest organ from where you can do some health checks. Tan from sunning yourself, you are actually damaging your skin with the sun’s radiation.
– Pale, rough and flaky skin, on your lower legs and the feet. This could be the indication of the thyroid.
– Regularly health checks from your arms, legs, face, neck, shoulders, and backs of your hands for moles. It can lead to cancer.

5. Bowel
Follow These DIY Health Checks- Could Save Your Life

– Examine the stools for signs of blood. If there is blood then it is the sign of piles.
– Regular health check for bowel movements is important for removing toxins. When you have constipated these toxins hang around, and leading to congested skin.
– Breakouts may also signal a hormonal imbalance.

6. Urine

Follow These DIY Health Check- Could Save Your Life

– The first trip to the toilet in the morning can lead to pregnancy or a urinary tract infection.
– Discolored urine could indicate abnormal kidney function, dehydration, and other problems.
– Frequent urination can cause diabetes or enlarged prostate.

7. Female Health Checks

FollowThese DIY Health Checks Could Save Your Life

– Regularly health checks by looking your breast for changes in shape, size, redness, dimpling or lumps forming on the skin. These are the signs of breast cancer.
– Experiencing bloating, abdominal pain and have difficulty in eating. It may early sign of ovarian cancer.

8. Male Health Checks

Follow These DIY Health Checks- Could Save Your Life

– Regularly check your testicles for lumps. Dull ache in the scrotum, or a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum. These are the signs of testicular cancer.
– Prostate cancer develops slowly. If you urinate more frequently, or difficulty in urinating may lead to the beginning of the diseases. So, it’s important to do DIY health checks to save your life.

Poonam Dogra

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