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Benefits Of Donating Blood Regularly

Top 10 benefits of Donating Blood Regularly

Donating blood regularly is good for healthy life. Blood transfusion is a life-saving treatment. Many patients suffering from cancer, severely anemic children, pregnant women, undergoing surgeries, accident victims. And some other complications that require donating blood regularly.

Blood donation must be done under the supervision of the doctors in the clinics, hospitals and in blood banks. A person who donating blood regularly burns 650 calories with every pint donated. And it takes 24 hours to replenish the pint of blood. You can also store your blood in blood banks for your future needs.

With saving others life. It will make your life healthy. Hereby are some benefits. Now let us take a look at the benefits of donating blood regularly:

1. Better Blood FlowBenefits Of Donating Blood Regularly

Donating blood regularly helps to better blood flow. It works on the replenish the blood loss. Stimulating the blood cell production to maintain good health. Possibly, helping to limit damage to the lining of your blood vessels. Since should result in fewer arterial blockages according to the studies.

2. Maintain The Iron LevelBenefits Of Donating Blood Regularly

The excess absorption of iron deposited in different organs in the body. It causes hemochromatosis. It is inherited and genetically disease. Donating blood regularly reduced the risk of hemochromatosis. This hemochromatosis caused due to anemia, alcoholism and other disorders.

3. Burn Calories

Donating blood regularly burns 650 calories in every pint of blood. And offers many health benefits with few risks. It is more helpful forĀ an obese person with higher cardiovascular disorders. It controls the body weight.

4. Reducing Cancer Risks

The excess of iron absorption associated with higher cancer risk. To reduce the cancer risk of the liver, lung, colon, stomach, and throat. It’s important to donating blood regularly to maintain your healthier life.

5. Eliminating the Heart and Liver Diseases

Iron overload in organs may increase the risks of various diseases. Like liver failure, cirrhosis, damage to the pancreas, and other heart diseases. So, donating blood regularly. It decreases the risk of various heart and liver ailments. And maintaining the level of iron in the body. And it reduces the chances of a heart attack by 88 percent.

6. Increases The Life Span

Definitely, life gets longer by helping others. The health benefits of donating blood regularly are good for both donor and the receiver. It will increase the lifespan. The need of blood is always there. A single donation can save the lives of up to three people. So, keep donating your blood for healthier life.

7. Storing The Blood By Donating Blood Regularly

Benefits Of Donating Blood Regularly

The extra blood after their usage is stored in the blood banks. Which is collected from a person for future needs. Doctors store their blood by adding some chemicals or preservatives. To keep longer for whatever patient’s needs. Frozen blood store for about ten years. While we can store blood for 42 days or six weeks too in a refrigerator at 2 to 6 degrees C.

8. Donating Blood Regularly Help Your Mental State

Donating blood regularly means someone somewhere will be getting the help. They desperately need which help your mental state. It gives positive effect. Doing something for others makes you feel good. This also helps to get rid of the depression and loneliness.

9. Free Health Checkup

Only fit people donate their blood. The free medical checkup is done before the donating the blood. And helps them to diagnose the various ailments. And the other abnormalities which are the greatest advantage of donating blood regularly. If you are sick or you have HIV and any other virus. Then you are not supposed to giving blood to others.

10. Saves Life and Brings joy to many others

Benefits Of Donating Blood Regularly

It is the chance of saves the human life. And bringing the happiness to others by donating blood regularly. Donating blood is good for everyone. Those who desperately need the help. And it make them feel mentally well.

Poonam Dogra

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