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Under Water Exercises: Benefits Beneath the Blue Layer!

Under Water Exercises: Benefits Beneath the Blue Layer!

Under water Swimming is a wonderful sport to boost the overall health of a person. But swimming, infused with under water exercises is a combination doing health miracle.

Fitness enthusiasts are always ready to experiment the way they do exercise. It can be going to gym, indulging in yoga, or adopting different fitness routine. A little different from the conventional way of working out is getting involved in different kind of sports. This can include swimming or doing under water exercises.

Swimming is a recreational activity which builds endurance, tones muscles and maintains cardiovascular fitness. It also helps to maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs. Swimming uses all our muscles, providing an all-over body workout.

But, the amalgamation of swimming and under water exercises is like icing on the cake.

When under water, one can perform any type of exercises that one performs outside the water. The combined benefits of swimming and under water exercises are certain. Today, under water exercises are popular workout, because one can do exercises under the water even while recovering from an injury. This is because of the buoyancy of the water that reduces body weight, therefore putting a considerably less stress on joints, bones and muscles. When doing under water exercises, body is supported by water, keeping the heart rate slightly lower. This makes it even safe for obese individuals, pregnant women and for people suffering from hypertension and heart disease.

Some of the easy under water exercises to give a try are:

Tread Water –

This is a simple workout, but it involves all our muscles as here we try to float. While doing this exercise, one should try to keep their back straight. This will enhance your abs increasing strength throughout your body.

Knee-to-Chest Exercise

This is one of the under water exercises. This exercise is performed while standing on one leg, which is slightly bent. The other leg is outstretched in front while one hand holds onto the side of the pool. It helps to strengthens and stretch the muscles in the leg, hip and lower back.

Stretching Exercises 

This is a must try exercise. It involves, positioning you in front of one side of the pool while facing the wall. Holding on to the edge of the pool, place your feet on the side of the pool while grabbing on to the wall grip. Then simply breathe- Inhale and exhale, while trying to moving your hips back. You can perform the stretches before starting the workout, so that you won’t get any injuries.

Arm Exercises

One can also start with simple arm lifts in either way, with or without weights. Under water, our arms may feel lighter, but this exercise will still work on our muscles. After lifting, one can try rotating the arms first in clockwise and then in an anticlockwise direction.

Abs Exercises –

It involves walking under water to maintain your abs tight. Then try to lift one of your legs as high as you can. With your back to the wall, grab the wall grip; hold on to it, keeping your arms straight. Then tighten your abs and try to lift both your legs as high as you possibly can. This ensures toned abs.

Summing up, indulging in sports like swimming is easier than maintaining a daily routine of doing conventional exercise. After a particular period of time, it becomes monotonous. But, when one play sports on daily basis, it doesn’t seem to be boring! It performs dual function. Firstly, it maintains a healthy track of your body which is even better than doing regular exercise. Secondly, it provides pleasure as playing is fun and makes one happy.


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