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What are probiotics? And why you should include it in your diet.

A diet which is rich in these essential bacteria like Lactobacilli is probiotics. Yogurt, kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, kefir contains essential microbes that helps keep our gut healthy.

Our body works on a delicate balance where in all the systems work in conjunction to achieve optimal health.

In similar way, our body is home to numerous microbes like bacteria, fungi, yeast, virus. There are certain good and certain bad microbes which together constitute our microbiota.

Our daily lifestyle, eating processed food, irregular meals, extensive antibiotic abuse leads to decrease in the good and essential microbes.

An imbalance between the good and bad microbes produce disease.

The most essential bacteria, Lactobacillus is abundantly found throughout our body especially in our gut. These lactobacilli keeps the level of other bacteria and fungus in check.

Probiotics especially found in fermented foods help establish the healthy microbiome.Probiotics are generally considered safe for healthy people. Few short-term side effects may include mild gas and bloating.

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Some of the benefits of including probiotics in the diet,

1. Our immunity is enhanced, as the bacteria in probiotics keeps the infection producing bacteria in check.

2. Antibiotics destroy the natural microbial flora of our body. Probiotics helps in balancing out this side effect of antibiotics, which includes occasional diarrhea.

3. A diet rich in lactobacilli will help individuals who have lactose intolerance, by increasing the tolerance threshold.

4. Upper respiratory infections are kept in check by the essential bacteria present in probiotics.

5. A diet rich in probiotics helps maintain a healthy vagina. Vagina has a microtome consisting of various bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Lactobacillus keeps the level of other bacteria and fungi, yeasts in check.

5.Increased absorption of nutrients from food, improved digestive health and bowel movements are some of the added benefits.


Dr. Nisha Kumar

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