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Why athletes are including l-lysine in their diet?

Why athletes are including l-lysine in their diet?

L-Lysine or commonly known as lysine is an essential amino acid. Proteins, as we know, are building blocks of our body. In a similar way, amino acids like lysine combine to form various essential proteins. These proteins are very important for overall growth and maintenance of the body.

L-Lysine is not produced in our body hence they should be taken in form of diet. The best dietary source of L-Lysine is meat, especially red meat.Fishes such as sardines and code have an abundant quantity of l-lysine. Poultry is also considered a good source of L-lysine. If you are a vegetarian, L-lysine can be incorporated into the diet by means of legumes, peas and processed parmesan cheese.

l-lysine has a wide range of benefits,

Here are top 5 benefits of incorporating L-lysine in your diet.

1.Production of carnitine-
L-lysine plays a very important role in the production of Carnitine, the compound which helps in the breakdown of fats to release energy. It also helps in regulation of cholesterol levels in the body. Several athletes have started taking l-lysine supplements to enhance their performance and stay in shape.

2.Treatment of cold sores-
Herpes simplex virus is the offending cause of cold sores. It affects more than 67% of the population under the age of 50years. The recurrence rate of cold sores is fairly high and is directly related to the immunity of that individual. l-lysine, when used in conjunction with zinc and applied topically, helps treat the cold sores under a weeks time. It also helps in decreasing the recurrence rate and frequency of outbreaks.

3.Reduces anxiety and stress-
L-lysine acts as a serotonin receptor antagonist. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mode, sleep, appetite and social behaviour. IL-lysine binds serotonin receptors which help in treating anxiety in the individual. some studies have been conducted which shows a calming effect of l-lysine in anxiety seen in schizophrenia patients.

4.Controls blood sugar levels-
L-lysine helps the body manage and regulate blood sugar levels. In conjunction to that, it protects diabetic individuals from increased risk of infection. advanced glycation end products (AGEP) is a part of the ageing process of our body. As we grow old, the AGEP level increases in our body making our body vulnerable to infections as it irrevocably lowers our immune response. In diabetics, the AGEP levels are very high making them immuno-compromised. L-lysine in diabetics prevents the formation of AGEP, thus protecting them from opportunistic infections.

5.Increased absorption of Calcium-
L-lysine helps in increasing the calcium absorption from our body. Calcium is essential for overall maintenance of health. Not only it strengthens bones, it helps in maintaining optimal nerve and muscle health and also dental health.

Dr. Nisha Kumar

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